Club Le Monde


Club Le Monde is a 32 character ensemble comedy about a typical night in a dank, dark, sweaty club in 1993 where sex, drugs and music all help the crowd to come alive.

As an increasingly drunken Ali makes her way around the club exacting revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend by snogging as many guys as she can, we meet a kaleidoscope of colourful characters.
Yas and Kelly spend the whole night in the toilets gossiping about contract killers, kissing cousins and constipation, teenagers Anthony and Patrick try to score drugs and be a hit with the babes, Mosh the tough-nut bouncer struggles with his sexual identity and desire to become a lawyer whilst Mr Sunglasses tries desperately to make friends with anyone who'll stand around long enough to listen to him.

Club Le Monde features some of the best up-and-coming young actors in Britain and an amazing soundtrack full of 90s club classics such as The Shamen's 'Move Any Mountain,' 808 State's 'Pacific 202' Bizarre Inc's 'Playing With Knives' and Alison Limerick's 'Where Love Lies'.



Ali - Alison McKenzie
Jacqui - Dawn Steele
Danny Frank Harper
Mike - Brad Gorton
Steve - Daniel Ainsleigh
Mosh - Tony Maudsley
Anthony - Tom Connolly
Patrick - Tom Halstead
Yas - Emma Pike
Kelly - Tania Emery
Vanessa - Nadine Marshall
Stella - Annette Badland
Chundah - Emil Marwa
Mr Sunglasses - Danny Nussbaum
Sarah - Andrea Lowe
Angela - Lyndi Oliver
Irene - Gunilla Karlsen
Chas - Lee Oakes
Ra - Emma Handy
Elaine - Indra Ove
Alan - Roddy McDevitt
Tanita - D'Arcy
R ichard - David Fahm
Jane - Kate Ford
Mark - Jay Simpson
Jan - Daisy Haggard
Lizzie - Wendy Wason
Dil - Paul Popplewell
Don - Robert White
Davida - Miss Kimberley
Karina - Thomas Fisher
Terry - Bruce Byron

Alex P, Brandon Block and Mr C as themselves