Little Deaths - Bitch


February 2011

'Sick, twisted and truly satisfying...'

'The sheer polarity of emotions it achieves is what makes it work...close-up camera work, fantastic angles and some superb direction'

'Marrying his gritty style with harrowing subject matter to linger in the audience's memory as poignant and powerful, Bitch achieves a similar goal to his other festival hits but on a much more intimate scale, suiting the anthology format perfectly...'

March 2011

'Following in the stylistic tradition of his previous features, it gives the most powerful punch..shockingly cruel and devastatingly chilling...'

'There's sick and twisted and then there's Little Deaths...emotional intensity is present and when it emerges, it's powerful'

'This is a filmmaker who's powerfully unafraid to delve into dark corners that very few filmmakers even consider...Rumley's tale closes Little Deaths with an admirable punch in the gut'

'The final film packs the strongest punch, and may be the one that'll piss the most people off...Little Deaths is tailor-made for extreme film viewers looking to always push the envelope'

'With some fantastic, uninhibited performances from Sawyer and Braithwaite, we end up with an involving, sometimes charming and ultimately ugly love story...If Rumley keeps producing stories of this quality he will continue to be a director worth keeping an eye on in the future'

'Gleefully and masterfully offensive'

'With the final piece 'Bitch', the film came roaring alive on all cylinders....Ended up delivering one hell of a sucker punch in a scene of complete devastation'

'There's always a stand-out in an anthology series and Simon Rumley's Bitch is it.'

'Rumley's Bitch is the strongest of the three'

'Rumley's...has a mostly silent, disturbing climax that leaves the film on what could be considered a high note...A memorable and gleefully sick contribution to this year's SXSW'

'Bitch is the strongest most thought-provoking of the three and the one that left the most lasting impression'

'Sort of brilliant...'