Red White & Blue


In Austin Texas, the lives of three young people – Erica, Franki and Nate – intertwine in a fateful, tragic way and head down a rocky and violent road to heart-rending oblivion.

Erica (Amanda Fuller) lives rent-free in the local co-op, but spends her nights trawling the bars and beds of Austin.  Damaged, emotionally withdrawn, never really connecting with anyone, and sleeping with multiple men is just what she does… until she meets the older and mysterious Nate (Noah Taylor), working in a hardware store, but with an “honorable discharge” from Iraq.

Despite his quiet air of danger, Nate’s the only guy who doesn’t seem to want to get her into bed at the first opportunity, and the two form a hesitant bond.   But one of Erica’s casual sexual encounters is about to bite back.

Franki (Marc Senter) is a young, hot-headed wannabe rock star trying to make it big. Looking after a sick mother and estranged from his longterm girlfriend, he “shared” Erica with his buddies one drunken evening.  A shocking twist of fate is all it takes throws his already crazy world into a spin, and in Franki’s eyes there is only one person to blame…



Erica - Amanda Fuller
Franki - Marc Senter
Ed - Jon Michael Davis
Alvin - Nick Ashy Holden
Carl - Patrick Crovo
Marj - Mary Mathews
Nate - Noah Taylor
Lil' Allan - Julian Haddad
Nightclub Pick-Up - Ernest James
Druggie Rock Girl - Jenny Graven
Druggie Rock Guy - Mark Hanson
Hotel Pick-Up - Chance Hartman
William - Vincent Doenges
Ed’s Girlfriend - Eryn Brooke
Steve - Chris Summers
Hardware Store Manager - Michael Price
Lee - Pete Partida Jr.
Lil’ Allan’s Mom - Matteson Claus
Erica's Mom - Nicole Holt
Erica's Mom's Boyfriend - Francois Larosa
Ellie - Sally Jackson
Sarah - Lauren Schneider
Arnold - Kevin LaVoie
Oncologist - Robert Sliger
HIV Clinician - Emily Cropper
Pamela   Laurie Foxx
Ed’s Daughter - Saxon Sharbino
Priest - Joel Reynosa

Key crew:

Writer, Producer and Director - Simon Rumley
Producer - Bob Portal
Co-Producers - Paul Knaus, Simon Markham
Executive Producers - Doug Abbott, Adam Goldworm, Tim League, Judy Lipsey
Director of Photography - Milton Kam
Production Designer - Josh Crist
Costume Designer - Tessa Justman
Hair and Make-Up - Nancy Rankin
Casting Directors - Karen Hallford, Dominika Posserén
Film Editor - Rob Hall
Composer - Richard Chester
Music Supervisor - Mark Smoot
Associate Producers - Blake Ethridge, Rae Williams
1st Assistant Director - Joseph Garza
SFX Make-Up Designer - Meredith Johns