Red White & Blue


Jan-Feb, 2010

'Simon Rumley is one of the great British cinematic outsiders, a gifted director with the know-how to puncture the conventions...'
Screen International

'A staggering combo of psychological insight, visceral brutality, and sophisticated shifts in temporal structure'

March-April, 2010

'Red White & Blue is a slow-burn thriller from Simon Rumley that's sure to leave you with your jaw on the ground...A masterful piece of storytelling'
Bloody Disgusting

'Something of a brilliant film; a dark, brooding, macabre piece of fiction that will leave you feeling a lot like you did the first time you watched Requiem For A Dream'
Aint It Cool News

'A beautifully scripted character drama, a horrifying revenge thriller and even a profoundly affecting love of the highlights of the year'

'An impressive achievement on many levels, a product by a director in control of his characters, story and mood, matched by great performances. Simon Rumley is a name to look out for'
Film School Rejects

'A near subliminal sense of discomfort that builds slowly, minute by minute...towards a killer crescendo'
IFC Independent Eye

'A surprisingly intense horror story...this is an absolutely ferocious and fascinating piece of independent filmmaking'

'Deeply affecting on an emotional and visual level'
Brutal As Hell

July-August, 2010

'The emotional investment that Rumley orchestrates gives the film a punch to the gut, an impact I so rarely feel in contemporary cinema...A phenomenal must see film'
Hey U Guys

'Simon Rumley is without a doubt one of the most interesting and talented directors working in genre cinema today'
Dread Central

'Heartbreaking...unflinching....Simon Rumley is one hell of a filmmaker'

'There's a seedy magic to Rumley's movie, the sick, slick visuals gleaming with a feverish intensity...which features a mesmerising, soulful frighteningly intense performance from Taylor'
Total Film

September 2010

'A tale of random connection and specific revenge - engrossing and profoundly distressing'
New York Times

'The best most brilliant and most twisted slasher/horror/stomach turner of the year; a special piece of art that adds much to a genre which has become mostly about spectacle and less about the people involved'
Film Threat

'A truly shocking film, this needs to be seen by anyone who wants to see a finely crafted piece of true horror'
Arrow In The Head

'Rumley's horror thriller is possibly one of the biggest surprises of 2010...A full on assualt on the emotions and senses, it's a masterpiece that will appeal to fans of many genres'
Cinema Crazed

'One of those stunning, gem-find movies that creeps up on you like a dark sudden storm cloud in the middle of a summer afternoon. Marked by stellar performances and sophisticated storytelling, film film is a powerful visceral and surprisingly emotionally tangible dramatic thriller'
Shared Darkness

'Rumley is one of the most important and intelligent British film-makers working today and Red White & Blue finds real, harrowing, politically resonant horror in places where no-one else is looking'

'Heralds a Hitchcock for the 21st Century... Unforgettable and powerful'

'Red White & Blue was shot with a hyper clarity and detail that recalls David Lynch's Blue Velvet and PT Anderson films like Boogie Nights. In its bursts of kinetic energy, the film also hearkens back to Sam Peckinpah while showing the obvious influence of Korean visionary Park Chan Wook's vengeance cycle'
Northern Stars