Strong Language


Inspired by 90s youth culture, Strong Language takes a unique talking heads style to tell a story of ordinary lives in an extraordinary time and place.

As a narrator relates a night of terror that changes his life forever, he is intercut with 16 young people talking about their lives and experiences in London. With topics ranging from ecstasy, Aids and one night stands to Britpop, racism and the police, Strong Language combines entertaining and revealing insights with an unforgettable and unexpected chain of sinister events.



Nathan - Ricci Harnet
Phillipa - Kelly Marcel
Zoe - Tania Emery
Tatty - Julie Rice
Boy Racer Triton - Thomas Dyton
Corrine - Robyn Lewis
Mark - Stuart Laing
Hayley - Shireen Abdel-Moneim
Peter - Al Nedjari
Danny - Paul Tonkinson
Jane - Ruth Purser
Stuart - Charlie De'Ath
Jo - Elaine Britten
Tony - Chris Pavlo
Lydia - Kate Allenby
Colin - Colin Warren
Narrator - David Groves

Key Crew

Writer producer director - Simon Rumley
Co-Producer - Alex Tate
Associate Producer - Judy Lipsey
Director of photography - Armando Smit
Production designer - Joanna Cross
Editor - Sasha Austen
Costume designer - Francoise LaCroix
Sound recordist - Sasha Austen
Original music - David Conway, Laurence Elliot-Potter
1st AD - Ewan Moare