The Living and The Dead



Aintitcoolnews 31/1/06

'Outstandingly different.'
Sneersnipe 02/06
Sneersnipe 02/06

'One of the best films I’ve ever seen…'
Film Threat 14/06/06

'This powerful movie deserves to be seen...'
Dreadcentral 21/7/06

‘One of the most indelible antiheroes seen on screen in recent years…Truly disturbing..'

'The sort of film we need more of from the UK...Superb.'
DVD Times 1/9/06

‘Shockingly good...Will restore your faith in cinema’
Monsters and Critics 3/9/06

Eat My Brains 24/9/06

‘Fast and furious…one of the most horrifying descents into madness in recent cinema’
The Daily Texan Online 26/9/06


‘As coolly disconcerting a thriller as you're likely to come across...twisted, unique and fascinating’

‘Not only is it an unnervingly eerie psychological thriller but also a complex, thought provoking look at very real horrors…A dark, disturbing look into death, terror and mental illness’
Fearnet 18/4/07

‘A unique film…it oversteps genre boundaries again and again to dizzying effect. There isn’t anything like it out there which is always a wonderful realization’ 1/5/07

Variety 17/6/07

Cinema Is Dope 6/9/07

New York Sun 2/10/07

New York Times 24/10/07

"The Living and the Dead" delivers a genuinely personal case of the creeps that, unlike most contemporary horror-genre fare, will outlast the end credits and subway ride home.
The New York Sun 24/1/07

'an indie-horror classic of the future' 25/10/07

'A truly haunted movie' 4*
New York Time Out 25/10/07

'brave, mature yet cinematically riveting movie too rarely produced in the UK'


Seattle PI 29/2/08

‘A riveting, mind-blowing, upsetting, dazzling film by an inventive director…Truly disturbing…’ 29/04/08

Den of Geek 10/5/08

‘A minor masterpiece’ 5/08

‘Transcendent’ 5/6/08

Deadly DVD 14/05/08