The Truth Game


The Truth Game takes place over one evening in the lives of six friends and one outsider. Eddy, Lilly, Dan Charlotte, Alex and Alan have know each other for years; they enjoy a raucous kind of friendship, never taking each other too seriously but always being there for each other. They're all in their twenties or early thirties - some are becoming professionally successful, others have yet to start. Their concerns are similar - work, play, relationships, money, drugs, cars and pasta.

Everyone goes around to Eddy and Lilly's one night for an evening of eating, drinking and talking, something that happens in thousands of households across the land on any night of the week.

But on this particular evening, the six peole who think they know each other so well have some startling revelations to make about themselves - and each other. Truth and honesty become the topics of the evening and both take unpredictable swerves along the road to happiness.



Eddy - Stuart Laing
Lilly - Selina Giles
Dan - Paul Blackthorne
Charlotte - Tania Emery
Alan - Thomas Fisher
Alex - Jennifer White
Kate - Wendy Wason

Key Crew

Writer producer director - Simon Rumley
Producer - Piers Jackson
Executive Producers - Doug Abbott, John Jaquiss
Co-executive Producer - Judy Lipsey
Director of photography - Alistair Cameron
Production designer - Alice Herrick
Editor - Colin Sherman
Costume designer - Jimmy King
Sound recordist - John Avery
Original music - Mark Hinton Stewart